Are you a believer?

I think my mom hoped I would become one, while dad was indifferent; actually he could be called an atheist. So as you can judge by the previous sentence most of this post will be devoted to a religious belief.

I was born a Christian, to tell the truth, my mother never asked me (I guess as well as most of your parents) if I wanted to be baptized.  She just did it to me when I was 12 months old so it’s obvious that back then I could not speak or decide for myself. While I was growing up, I never gave it much thought, it was a fact accepted by me just like an axiom, a fundamental truth, that didn’t need to be proven.  I knew some prayers, I prayed at some really bad periods of my life (now I know I only considered most of them as such). I even went to church and I really liked it there. But when I became mature enough, I started to notice the world surrounding me. I began to ask questions. That’s when my faith started to shatter. The one question that still keeps repeating itself in my head is “How can we believe in one God if there are so many religions?” Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and the list can be prolonged much more since I named only major groups. Why people do not see it? How come some of them have no doubts at all? Do you have any answers?

Please do not get me wrong, I am not against any of religions. I have an equal respect towards all of them; a huge amount of work had been done to create each of them and we should give it a credit.

On the other hand, I do understand why people believe. It gives them strength, hope, maybe even purpose. It’s very important to have faith in something, because it helps us to keep going and see the light in the end of the tunnel when life plays tough games. It’s up to us to choose what to believe in: God, Universe, Science or ourselves. I like the saying “God helps those who help themselves”. To me it means that we should not be some kind of blind believers, but we should be ambitious, we must work hard and try even harder to be successful. Belief in God or universe can only support us; however it’s us who are in charge of our own lives. So no matter what happens never give up. Believe in yourself in the first place.


Valentine ’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday?

Tomorrow most of the world will celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. It has a rather interesting history, which I will not concentrate on since almost everyone knows (at least I hope so) the story about a Roman priest.  What I will say is that it is supposed to be a very special day for those who were lucky enough to find their soul mates.


Unfortunately, in the modern world full of different social networks it turned into a competition called “whose boyfriend is more romantic”. Year after year girls upload millions of photos with the words like “oh my honey bunny is so great, he presented me with this and he did that”. C’mon!  I can stand the pictures, they can be very beautiful, but I really cannot accept those captions that often sound so insincere. It is amazing you have someone to love you and care about you, however I believe this day is about intimacy you two share. What do you think?


My country has another day to praise love, we call it “Day of Love, Family and Loyalty”, but Saint Valentine’s is still more popular. And I do not really mind, I like its idea and what it stands for. In this sometimes crazy world people do need the reason to say those three magical words that can make all the problems go away for a while. But it feels like nowadays it is just another Hallmark day. These postcard and souvenir companies did a very good job promoting Valentine’s Day to make as much profit as possible. The truth is that we live in consumerist society, thus we should never forget that it is impossible to buy true love or real happiness as well as health.  What else do you think money can’t buy?

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Despite my controversial attitude towards Saint Valentine’s because of mentioned above reasons, I wish there would be more days like this in a calendar to have another reason to surprise the one you love, to smile and be happy. But actually do not forget to tell everyone who means a lot to you how much you care no matter what the day is. There is no real need in a special occasion to confess your feelings, do it on a regular basis so that you would never regret missed opportunities. Just find the proper words to describe what you feel. Live, love, laugh.


Can you escape the silence?

People leave you. People die or just fade away. The loss can kill you from the inside. I know it’s terrible and I know how it feels to lose someone important. A close friend or a relative. And what scares me the most is the silence. It hurts and it pains me to have no possibility to talk to someone I love, to hear them speak to me or to read them. And I am afraid of the silence that penetrates me. What about you? Can you escape it?


Bad things happen everyday. Thus I am not going to say words like “you have to pull yourself together and keep going”  or cry about “how unfair life to us at times”, because this is a well-known truth. Life wasn’t meant to be easy. We’ve grown up and in the adult world full of injustice we are learning to be strong and stoic, to face difficulties with dignity, we are experiencing grief, regret and sorrow, we feel anger and despair.  Of course it’s hard, but this is how we know that we are steel alive. It’s better to feel something, anything is better than the time when “empty spaces fill you up with holes”. Don’t you think so?

I am not a psychiatrist; I am just an ordinary person, who knows that advice is easier to give than follow, isn’t it? But come to think about it: life is not yesterday or tomorrow. It is today, it is right here, right now.  And when I say this I don’t mean you should just be some aimless person. No. Make plans, think of your future, but don’t forget to live in the present. Don’t forget to enjoy the life. Delight can be found in the tiniest of things: sweets, books, nature, smells, animals, music. It can be anything. How often do you look around on your way back home? Or while walking to the supermarket? Try to look around, try to notice the beauty of a green summer tree or the variety of early autumn colors, breathe in the air after the rain. Don’t like nature? Take a look at people that pass you by, couples holding hands, laughing teenagers, loving mothers and smiling children. All you need is to smile to yourself. Smile to the world. Open up to the world of joy that surrounds you every moment of your existence. Don’t concentrate on the dark side, pay attention to the bright one. If you have some problems do not think about the same very thing over and over again that would not make the situation any better. Try to find a solution, keep calm and give yourself a rest.


And even though you cannot escape the silence, even though you are facing loss, going through hard times just don’t forget to stop, take a deep breath and a good look around.


Also please tell me:


What’s your 1st post about?


To blog or not to blog?

Have you ever wanted to become a blogger? I guess the answer lies on the surface since you are here. Anyway the desire to become one has been chasing me for a while now. I just couldn’t figure out what shall I write about.

Fashion? Not an option. Of course I try to follow modern tendencies. But I am not competent enough in this question. Movies or books discussion? Well, I definitely know more about these two things. I like watching films, I have a list of admired directors. I have seen lots of movies. And then again, who hasn’t?  The same goes with literature. I like reading, I even tried writing my own story. Truth to be told, it was actually a fanfic based on my favorite comics. It’s not been finished yet. Lack of time or/and inspiration.

Writing really requires inspiration, doesn’t it? I believe that it is also about passion. You’d be able to have an excellent blog if you share with the world something you love to the very core, something you are incredibly good at.

I have only one passion. English. You might have noticed that it is not my native language. So please forgive me if I sound ridiculous. It’s just that I feel I was born in a wrong place. Have you ever experienced something similar?

Don’t think I don’t love my country. I adore it, it’s beautiful, and moreover, our language is very rich. We have so many amazing poets and novelists. I just have a thing for English. It was my major at the university, I am an interpreter by the way, but I work as a teacher of Chinese and English. When I decided to create this blog, at least about one thing I was absolutely positive – the language I would use. So here I am pouring my thoughts onto paper (yeah, I am kind of old-fashioned. I take a pen and make notes, only then I type what I wrote).

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Okay, enough of that. Probably after reading so much, you began to wonder what I am going to write about. Anything I find interesting. Stories of my life, including my feelings and my experience. I will share with you things that touch me. It also can be a very good book I’ve come across or a very good movie I have watched. I hope here I will meet someone who’d enjoy reading my blog. Or at least would not be repelled by my writing. 🙂

Anyway, thank you for your time. Leave your thoughts, wishes and advice. And please tell me what your first blog was about.

P.S. See you soon.